Discover Dutch Wine

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Wine, from the Netherlands? We got a lot of raised eyebrows when we told people we were working on a book about Dutch wine. Their first question was usually followed by a second one: “And is that Dutch wine any good?”

There is, indeed, plenty of winemaking going on in the Netherlands. Since the last 40 years in the southern province of Limburg, and increasingly in the other provinces since 15 years. And the good news is: these wines are getting better and better. We reckoned it was therefore time for a publication in English. We first published a book for a Dutch audience, Wijn van eigen bodem, and then edited and translated the original text for our foreign friends and acquaintances. This is the e-book Discover Dutch Wine, available soon through Amazon.

Often, when talking about a Dutch vineyard, people say: “What a non-Dutch sight” or “You feel like you’re in France.” In the first two chapters, we explain that wine is no longer a “non-Dutch” phenomenon, and how the Netherlands has increasingly grown into a wine country. We tell about the history of Dutch winemaking. We interview winemakers and sommeliers and we list the grape varieties. And we describe our experiences with the wines. The next chapters tell you about experiencing Dutch wine. The Netherlands is known worldwide for its tulip fields, windmills, ingenious water management, bicycles, cheese. May be some day wine will be among those characteristics. A visit to one of our vineyards is definitely a recommended stop when visiting the country. And ask for Dutch wine in a restaurant: we listed several of them per province and with their websites. Finally, if you wish to purchase some Dutch wine, there is a chapter with suggestions of how to get hold of a few bottles.

We hope you will enjoy our little book. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to use the contact form on this website.

Mariëlla & Irene